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The Difference is Performance

If you want to move at the pace of tech, you’ve got to be nimbler than a scope of work. If you want to innovate, you can’t build your product the way everyone else does. And if you want tech that’s durable and scalable, you’ve got to insist on high performance.

That’s why people bring TangoTeams aboard.

We may have opened our doors in 2021, but our team isn’t new to DevOps. Founded by a former Intel developer from Argentina who started his first tech consulting company in 1996 and led by a plant geneticist who tripped and fell into software development during the dot-com boom, our leadership team has decades of engineering and business experience. That means we’ve also been through decades of headaches and BS with it comes to contracts, timelines, and budgets that never end up the way they were expected to.

So we decided to change that.



It’s the best outcome the Internet ever had. The ability to connect, work, and share information from anywhere in the world opens up immense opportunity to find the most talented people, develop the tightest teams, and broaden our experiences and skills.


Transparency is the measure of integrity. Not only do we commit to KPIs, metrics, and reports in every element of business, we make sure they're the numbers that actually prove performance. Our rule: If we wouldn’t tell our moms about it, we won’t do it.


Progress never comes through complacency. When something is broken, it’s our job to make it better. Sometimes that means ruffling feathers, but when the end state is greater good, the reward definitely outweighs the discomfort of change.

Continuous improvement

It’s all about iteration and optimization—in our work, in our team, and in our company. The beauty of tech is that there is no final destination. To be a leader in the field, you have to embrace the ride and never stop asking: “How can I make this better?”

Meet the Leadership Team


How do you overcome the timezone differences that are common with outsourcing?

Buenos Aires, Argentina has significant timezone overlap with the US. Our teams maintain a schedule aligned to our clients allowing us to share a greater portion of the day working directly together.

Can I use TangoTeams for any type of digital project?

TangoTeams specializes in web, cloud and mobile development. If you’re not sure of your need, no problem. Reach out to us and our customer success team will work with you to identify your need.

Your website mentions software development but not quality assurance. Does TangoTeams provide QA also?

Yes, each team is comprised of both development and QA resources. During your onboarding, our customer success team will understand your current quality assurance practices and align on the right team composition to meet the needs of your current business ad software development practices.

Is every team made up of the same type of software developers?

With TangoTeams, each team is custom built to meet the needs of your project and aligned to your technology stack. Our software development teams range in specialization across web, cloud and mobile technologies.

I’m interested in working with TangoTeams. How does our engagement begin and how do I know if I have the information needed to start?

At the onset of each engagement, our customer success team will work directly with you to define readiness and outline the way your team will engage with you. Throughout the engagement, the customer success team will remain aligned to the project to ensure you understand how to monitor performance, your needs are met and our high level of transparency is maintained.

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