How It Works

Nearshore software development in the new, better way

Outsourcing software development projects should be more like ordering at a restaurant. You should get what you want, made to your taste - for a price you can see and expect. No waiting around, no surprise changes. Why can't software engineering be like that?

It's time to zero in on what matters. Stop scope creep, save money, and stay in the driver's seat. That's what you get when you add TangoTeams to your cloud, web, or mobile project.

Start Building Your Team

Pods of 3, 5, or 8 engineers
for 3, 6, or 12 months

Build Pods

Choose a build pod if...

  • You have a specific software need + defined output
  • You have plans to get to your output (wireframes, designs, comps, etc.)
  • You know what you need, and you simply need muscle to develop it
  • You need either a full team to build your software, or a team to supplement your existing team


Choose a maintenance pod if...

  • Your have an existing system that's already built + requires updates
  • Your updates include new features + bug fixes
  • Your existing team's bandwidth is stretched between building new software and keeping the old running
  • You're looking to enhance your team's capacity or provide system upkeep at a lower rate

Wondering about those team sizes?

3, 5, or 8 people might seem arbitrary, but years of experience have taught us that these TangoTeams are right-sized for high performance software development. Read more in your guide to building an engineering team:

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Let us help you build your pod

TangoTeams start at just $22.5k for 3 people/3 months. Tell us about your software development needs and the expertise you're looking for - we'll give you a recommended team build + a fully transparent quote. Then, even if we aren't the right fit for your project, you'll know who to look for.

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